Sunday, 20 January 2013

Red Bean Coffee

A tip-off from a local correspondent led the CPL Newsline senior editorial team to 121 Plenty Road in Preston, where the Red Bean Coffee cafe and coffee roasting emporium has just opened.

The design of the site is very interesting: a high-ceilinged brick factory/warehouse that contains several enclosed rooms (coffee roasting room, food preparation area and bathrooms) but with most seating located in the greater open warehouse space.

The overall effect is a sort of pleasant blurring between inside and outside. The photos here don't adequately convey the scale of the space; a visit is highly recommended.

There are two large shared tables, and seating arrangements seem to be quite flexible, with tables added or taken away as required.

The coffee is roasted on premises and is easily among the best in the area. The CPL Newsline senior editorial team were particularly impressed with the depth of flavour in the latte and its rich dense caramel-coloured milk foam.

The food menu is straightforward and doesn't contain any surprises. Hopefully it will evolve as Red Bean Coffee establishes itself. Having not ordered any food, CPL Newsline is unable to offer readers any insight into the quality of the food or associated service, but invites any comments on this topic.

Red Bean Coffee: yet another reason why you never need to leave Central Preston ever again.

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  1. Any Asian-style desserts involving actual red bean?

  2. I suspect that they called it red bean because coffee beans are, in fact, red. Until you roast them, when they are brown.

  3. When the coffee berry is picked from the plant, it is red in color when ripe. The plantation are beautiful to see.