Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Cornutopia Taco Van brings fresh Mexican to Central Preston

* Cornutopia has revised its menu and prices; click here for updated information

Only four days into the new year, and already the Central Preston excitement-o-meter is cranked up to 11 following the grand opening today of Cornutopia Taco Van at Preston Market.

Cornutopia serves delicious tacos with a choice of several fillings and accompaniments. It also serves a selection of other Mexican street foods.

CPL Newsline's work experience student was charged to attend Cornutopia, and wired through the following review and photograph in partial fulfilment of course requirements:
Soft corn tortilla topped with well-seasoned grilled baby prawns, fresh salad (tomato, purple cabbage, lettuce, red onion), sour cream and I added some chimichurri (a lively parsley-vinegar sauce).  Cornutopia then squirted a splash of lemon juice to zest the whole lot up. Fresh, simple, delicious.

Cornutopia is exactly what Central Preston needs: fresh ingredients, locally sourced and full of flavour and prepared in accordance with a culinary tradition that has never had a presence in the area. On both quality and price, it compares very favourably to other offerings from the 'new wave' of inner-North Mexican street food vendors. We are sure it will thrive in its Preston Market location.

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  1. Where exactly in Preston Market, please?

  2. It is right outside ARC Boutique, just next to that party supply shop.

  3. I am interested in the Corn In El Cupo. Please report on this matter. Thank you.

  4. I confess that I haven't as yet tried the Corn In El Cupo. I will order it on the weekend and post a fulsome description. I will focus particularly on the "El Cupo" component. Is it just a regular cup? Or is it perhaps a corn chip cup that you can eat after finishing the corn? These questions must be answered.

    For lunch today I had the Full Plate, with a side serve of prawn taco and steak taco. It was really tasty and fresh.

  5. Wow it looks fantastic I can wait to go there..

  6. I had corn in the cup dee elicits and a very healthy snack option .... go el taco

  7. I just discovered it is called Cornutopia Taco Van, not El Taco. Post edited accordingly. Apparently they are revising their menu already, possibly to incorporate further taco combinations and also enhance the breakfast options. Although I don't know what could be more delicious than three steak tacos for breakfast. Except perhaps three steak tacos with a side serve of nachos.

  8. I went there and it was great, fresh and tasty. Had the tacos and can't wait to try the corn in a cup! The staff were all really friendly.

  9. tacos!!!



  10. These Tacos rule!!!!! Thats all I can say.

  11. gr8 to have a healthy choice of fresh delites....congrats on your new venture...good food,friendly service A+++++

  12. hey CPL, I think I caught a glimpse of your work experience student. She appears to be what they call "muchos caliente!" I think you should promote her to sub-editor.

  13. I think I spotted the cub reporter as well and I think she should be a least "editor at large".

  14. Hi Reporter,
    Thanks for your excellent work bringing our beloved Preston the the Internet. I've oft noticed the curiosity which is the New Europe Garden Restaurant on the roof of a building near the corner of Cramer and High streets, visible from the hotel car park. Do you know anything about this venue? It looks like a perfect hipster rooftop garden bar location.
    I'll be trying the tacos tomorrow!

  15. Lucy, I've always wondered about the New Europe Garden Restaurant too, but I've never been able to convince anybody to visit it with me. I was once told that it is (or at least was) a Central / Eastern European type restaurant where you have to commit for the entire evening to a set menu of courses interspersed with singing, dancing and so on.

    I'd never reflected on its hipster rooftop bar potential, but now that you mention it, what a great idea. Central Preston's own rooftop cinema in the summer, student art exhibitions, the occasional band, gourmet burgers, perhaps carpet bowls on Sunday afternoon - Central Preston residents could finally have a venue to indulge in all the hipster pursuits currently denied us.

    I think I need to investigate New Europe Garden Restaurant. I have an idea! I will send in my work experience student and cub reporter. Whichever one gets the best story on the venue will get a promotion and a hefty pay rise.

  16. Dear AVH and TM:

    Our panel is currently considering the order of merit for staff promotions and wage increases at the CPL Newsline headquarters.

    Positive feedback from members of the public is invaluable to our organisation, and is given weight in determining the order of merit.

    Additionally, on the basis of your feedback we have introduced a new criterion for consideration: degree of caliente (ranging from "nada" to "muchos").

    Thank you for your time in writing to us.


  17. Friday night, Cornutopia, half an hour wait for our tacos. You wouldn't wait that long in a sit-down restaurant, and you'd be waiting indoors on a comfortable seat. I know Cornutopia has only been open a week or so, but it has to lift its game if it is going to get any repeat business from the customers who are trying it out of curiosity.

  18. Anonymous, I was there on Friday night too with several friends who had to wait for a long time. They weren't happy at all, and I felt a bit guilty as the person who had recommended Cornutopia to them. But I think Cornutopia is the owners' first venture of this type, and I'm sure they're learning things all the time, so I wouldn't give up on them yet.

  19. Cupo means quota in Spanish. El failo.

    I'll give them another chance to impress me if I'm in the area, but two strikes and they're out...

  20. Aha. But couldn't it be a clever multi-lingual pun? They are serving you your quota of corn? No, probably not.

  21. Myself and a friend had been keeping bar stools warm at Raccoon Club last Sat night and decided to drop into New Europe while walking home around 1:00am. Similar to a few comments above we had been curious about the place and its unintrusive entrance from High St.

    All I will say is that it is an experience you must have.


  22. Dear Anonymous, all of Central Preston needs more information. No need to spoil the surprise if you don't want, but give us a run-down of the mechanics. Can you just walk in off the street without a booking? Can you order food at 1 am?

    1. Able to walk in off street but be ready for a full eye balling from bouncer and clientele when entering. Did not look to be serving food at 1:00am but the bar was still rocking and would most likely be open into the very early hours... Dancing + karaoke was a theme. Will definitely be heading in again sometime.