Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Better latte than never

The Arrondissement d'Regent has traditionally been known as the light industrial hub of Central Preston, where local residents head to buy quality cabinetry and kitchen tiles at competitive prices while a friendly mechanic attends to their lubing needs.

However, the recent appearance of a new cafe cum gallery - housed in a spacious converted garage that nods knowingly to the area's past while somehow simultaneously managing to doff its cap to the future - is offering residents several further reasons to visit the area: good coffee, honest food, a child-friendly ambience, and walls full of earnest local art.

Ezra and Olive, located on High Street near the corner of Wild Street, is presently open only on weekends, though there are tentative plans to expand trading hours to Friday.

Life drawing classes are offered at Ezra and Olive on some evenings. This may help to explain why several of the nude paintings on the walls bear a resemblance to the cafe's proprietors. 

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  1. Have you checked out Ezra and Olive in recent weeks? The place has been revamped with Cute story book menus, a more extensive choice of meals, a specials board, better coffee and a backyard paradise replete with homegrown produce and flowers. Worth a blog post methinks!

  2. Does anyone know why this little gem closed down :(